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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  August 3, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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cam campaign trail now. >> i suspect he'll say in cleveland on thursday night. >> as always thank you so much for watching us. i can tell you, i speak for myself in saying i really appreciate your patience. it can't be easy. >> that's how you get the edge. >> if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's time for "morning joe." now -- >> "the rundown" starts now. i think it will change their lives. >> likely. and good monday morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. first on "the rundown," biden's bid. we're following what would be a mamger shake-up in the race for the white house. this morning, renewed speculation that vice president joe biden will enter the 2016 race, and more moves from the biden camp precisely in that direction. it would be his third run for president, but one that would upend the democratic field. andrea mitchell is on top of the story for us in washington. what can you tell us? >> good morning, jose. vice president biden's aides say he's going to decide by late
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summer amidst a lot of speculation he might run against hillary clinton in the democratic primaries. it is a decision possibly born in tragedy. a dying wish from his son, beau. >> my father my hero the next vice president of the united states, joe biden. >> a wish also endorsed by biden's surviving son, hunter. their hope that their dad would challenge front-runner hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. >> he's been a heartbeat away from the presidency for eight years. i think he thinks he's qualified and knndanybody in that pz would think about it. >> biden aide is sounding out democratic contributors including some who support clinton. >> almost all the biden donors have gone to hillary clinton already, so i think it's too late to mount a serious campaign at this stage. >> biden has run for president twice before and stumbled. and as vice president, he has occasionally been prone to
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gaffes. >> and at times, excessive exuberance. but biden has proved his loyalty and become a key adviser to the president, while clinton, although polling way ahead of the other democrats, has recent lee suffered a sharp uptick in people saying they don't trust her, possibly a reaction to controversies like her private e-mails. the campaign says it's not concerned. >> there's a lot of views in the democratic party, and you know we'll be prepared to handle whatever comes our way. >> in fact tomorrow clinton starts airing her first ads in new hampshire, aides say cost $2 million. >> when families are strong america is strong. >> a biden run would put president obama in the awkward position of having to choose between his vice president and his former secretary of state. jose. >> andrea mitchell thank you very much. this is a story we will be following this morning, but we're getting new insight on the republican side of the
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presidential race. a just released nbc news/wall street journal telemundo poll shows 3 in 4 latinos have an unfavorable view of donald trump. in fact, 61% of adult latinos say their perception of the billionaire businessman is very negative. meanwhile, our national poll shows trump surging to the top of the republican field. in june just 1% of gop voters called him their first choice. now, three days before the first debate he's polling at 19%. ahead of scott walker and jeb bush. let's get right to kasie hunt. kasie, good morning. let's start with the new poll numbers from latinos. >> jose good morning. obviously, not something that lines up with the rhetoric that donald trump is using on the campaign trail when it comes to hispanics. he does insist he's going to win the hispanic vote. our poll would obviously suggest otherwise. at this stage, it's not clear that that really matters. he's dominating the headlines and is going to be on center
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stage at that republican debate. because the overall numbers also show he's getting about 19% of republican voters. if you add up the numbers for some of the other candidates who are al running at anti-washington, anti-establishment candidates, people like ted cruz for example, ben carson. these people if you look at numbers, 10% for ben carson 9% for ted cruz combined with almost 20% for donald trump, that's 40% potentially of the republican vote that's really expressing some serious discontent right now with the establishment, jose. >> yeah and i mean the fact is that if you look at the primaries for the republicans, you look at iowa new hampshire, south carolina not a big latino voting block in the gop. at least in those three initial states. >> right. as this contest is going to start to kick off, that's not necessarily going to be the focus. that's why instead you're seeing a lot of hard-line immigration rhetoric coming of the campaign
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from donald trump, and it's part of why some of the other candidates are wrestling with having him in the race. people like jeb bush, for example, don't really want to talk about this issue in this way, but it does appeal to a segment of the base of the republican party. >> kasie, jeb bush unveiled an immigration plan this morning. tell me about that. >> he did. in some ways this is putting meat on the border security bones. if you will. if you ask the republican candidates, how should we deal with immigrants already here? they say, we need to secure the border. bush has laid out a couple steps with how to do that. he wants to make the border patrol more nimble put more forward operating bases. he wants to make sure there's more surveillance along the border. he wants to add to the electronic verification of employment and deporlttment people who violate visas. this gives him more meat on the bones ahead of the debate where
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it's a subject to be discussed. >> in the proposal announcement he includes the legalization of 11 million undocumented once the six points are, i guess, reached. kasie hunt thajs for being with me. >> thanks jose. we're following a developing story about severe weather that tore through the chicago area at a festival a tent collapsed killing one man and injured several others. >> i was on stage left and i just walked away from underneath the canopy and the poles started falling the other way. then i see that the whole tent had fallen over. and from there, it was chaos. >> it's just one example of vicious storms in the midwest. john yang joins me from illinois with the latest. what's going on today? >> well jose as you can see behind me in gray's lake, they have started the cleanup. this is a community a little
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away from the incident you talked about. officials think a tornado touched down here overnight, and this is some of the damage a lot of downed trees. roof damage here. and also to the high school some roof damage. the other incident you talked about earlier was in wooddale illinois at a festival a community festival. a tent collapsed, one person killed, an adult male killed. about 15 others taken to the hospital with minor injuries. others treated and released at the scene. so this is the scene as all across this region after a night of violent weather. jose. >> thank you very much. talking a little bit about the situation in the future. do we expect anything to get, i mean, these tornadoes, you can never expectthem, but how does the weather forecast look for today? >> well, today, all the storms have moved off to the east so it's going to be a relatively calm day here.
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it's actually cooled down a little bit. a cold front is what triggered all the storms as it moved through. the storminess now moving to the east. today, a lot of cleanup, and there was also tornadoes, about six tornadoes reported in the region overnight, some in iowa. but this is the only tornado. actually hasn't been confirmed it was a tornado here. >> john yang thank you very much. let's get a better picture of what we can expect and what's going on. i want to bring in bill karins. august beginning with frightening images from the midwest. before we get to that breaking weather developments this morning in florida. what's going on in tampa? >> tampa area ground stop at the airport. they had torrential rains over the last three weeks, especially this weekend. and right now, there are many reports, you go on social media, you can see reports of flooding all over the tampa area. it's florida flooding not like huge rivers. a lot of street flooding and ponding of water on the roads. over the weekend, we had almost 5 inches of rain in the tampa area. officially 4.77 at the airport.
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now, just this morning since midnight, we added another 3 inches to that. we had nearly 8 inches of rain at the tampa airport in the last three days. let's put some perspective on that. the sacramento airport has had 5 inches of rain since january 1st. this is a lot of rine, even by florida standards in this amount of time. they're not done yet. there's a tropical disturbance to the north of the tampa area. that rain over the gulf is going to drench this area all morning long and probably into the afternoon, too. so we can expect the flooding actually to get worse in the tampa area instead of better throughout the next couple hours. that's the florida situation. now let's head north to the cold front cooling off the great lakes, heading into the hot, humid, sticky air in the mid-atlantic and northeast. we're okay now, not many problems but round two will come this afternoon. if you're in the area of yellow you're at a slight risk of storms. i-95, you get spared but a lot of big, highly populated areas
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in ohio pennsylvania new york new hampshire, and maine, isolated tornadoes. i think we'll get a couple. we will get a lot of wind damage, just like we did yesterday in michigan. strong storms ohio to maine. that's the story. still hot in the south. we'll continue to update the tampa situation. florida flooding is different than anywhere else because the soil is so sandy. it does soak in. when it's raining that hard, it takes a while. >> i'm hoping that some of that water gets to lake okeechobee which is somewhere we get our water. >> it's not. it's staying north of you. you have a drought in miami and an epic flood in tampa. >> thanks. we'll keep watching the situation in florida and check back with you. now to a developing story in california. fast-spreading wildfires are forcing new evacuations this morning. now 21 major fires raging across that state. the largest one burning north of san francisco. the rocky fire spanning 54,000 acres. it's charred 24 homes and closed down several highways. joe fryer is there now. in lake port good morning.
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officials are calling this unprecedented. >> yeah that's exactly right, jose. over the course of the weekend, this fire nearly tripled in size. and many people say they have never seen anything like it. the good news in the last 24 hours, it has slowed down a little bit. flames have largely moved to a more remote area away from homes. but with these conditions dry, hot, and windy, they know that things can change in an instant. the rocky fire is an unpredictable monster that is still growing this morning. even veteran firefighters say they have never seen anything like it. at one point, the flames tore through 20,000 acres in just five hours. >> the challenges the firefighters have been getting is that erratic winds and wind shifts have been moving the fire in other directions. >> this single fire has consumed 84 square miles. that's an area larger than the city of st. louis. two dozen homes are already gone, and thousands more have been evacuated. >> this is alarming.
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a little surreal, and just kind of keeps you on your toes. >> crews are intentionally setting backfires, burning up dry brush before the fire can get to it. national guard helicopters and air tankers are now on the scene after the governor declared a state of emergency. >> the purpose behind using this aircraft is to put retardant down so our firefighters on the ground can get in there and put the fire out. >> the air assault is key as a new brush fire moved through a national forest. across california more than 20 large fires are now burning, making things worse, mother nature keeps sending in storm clouds that produce lightning but little to no rain sparking hundreds of smaller fires. >> that's a little frightening, but we can get through it. >> temperatures are a bit cooler today. which should help. this fire the rocky fire is still only 5% contained. and it has been stuck at 5% for a couple days now, which shows just how hard it is to get things under control.
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jose. >> joe fryer, thank you very much. we're going to check back in with you shortly. we're just getting started on this monday edition of "the rundown." still ahead, president obama is set to make a major announcement later today about climate change. including what's being billed as landmark fuel economy standards. we're going to go live to the white house for that. >> plus the search for more airplane debris stretching from reunion island across 4,000 miles of coastline in the western indian ocean. we're going to have the latest on the search. and police now know who they're looking for in the shooting death of a memphis police officer. we'll get the update on a search for a killer coming up on "the rundown." number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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a big day at the white house. president obama is embracing clean energy trying to set the
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world on a path to fighting the worst effects of climate change. he takes the first step later today. >> our climate is changing. it's changing the ways that threaten our economy, our security and our health. this isn't opinion. it's fact. climate change is not a problem for another generation. not anymore. >> at 2:15 this afternoon, eastern time the president will lay out the core of his clean power plan a plan to slash carbon emissions nationwide and hopefully set the tone for a broader global effort later this year. it calls for power plants to cut greenhouse gases 32% by 2030 compared to levels a decade ago, and called for utilities to get more power from renewable energy like wind and solar, but there are already plenty of people lining up to oppose the new rules both in washington and across the country. chris jansing joins me this morning. good morning. explain the significance here.
6:18 am
>> first, this is going to be a huge battle. you set up it correctly. it is the most extensive change climate change proposal in history, and just to give you an idea of how much interest there is in this the epa, which regularly gets comments on a whole range of environmental issues, has gotten more than ever in history by far. 4 million plus comments and counting. you saw what this is about. it's a definitive change. it's also about the president's legacy, as you said. he sees this as a moral issue. and it is setting up for the big paris summit in december when he hopes to push countries around the world to do climate change as well. let me show you an example of who's lining up for and against the climate change proposal. there's $140 billion investment that has been backed by many fortune 500 companies, from u.p.s., which is really interesting because they're based in kept cent which of course, is a big coal producing
6:19 am
state. going down to banks and general motors and microsoft, apple, coca-cola and pepsi and walmart. also backing the white house plan, and this is where you see the white house hoping to sort of expose a rift within the republican party, evangelical christians who see this as part of their protection of life policy. they are actually even tying it in to their pro life stance. on the other side 20 to 30 attorneys general, 76 business groups including the u.s. chamber of commerce the national association of manufacturers, and we have heard some pretty heated comments over the weekend from republican presidential candidates. it's important sooto say this does not need congressional approval but you'll hear arguments in congress. they're going to look for ways to overturn this legislatively because they think, again, as we have heard in other things the president has overstepped his boundaries, and states are looking at whether they can mount legal challenges.
6:20 am
that's why the state attorneys generals are volved in this. >> this would be a series of executive actions? >> not executive actions. this is rules, a rules change. and so this is something he can -- the president can propose under existing regulations. a change in those rules. but again, congress is looking at ways they think they can go at it legislatively. you know the states attorneys general, and at the very li what the states want to do is delay the imposition of these rules and it will stand to see what would happen in a new presidency, but this is a major push by this white house, and you saw it starting over the weekend with that video you shows with president obama. >> chris jansing at the white house, thanks. great seeing you. >> thank you. >> of course, we'll be keeping an eye on this story all day leading up to the president's announcement at 2:15 eastern time. >> after the break, we'll zoom
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no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! an investigation is under way today into the two pieces of wreckage possibly from missing flight mh370 found last week on the french territory island of reunion. the partial airplane wing and suitcase fragments were flown to france over the weekend for testing. meanwhile, on reunion, the search continues for more possible clues from the missing plane. i'm joined from the island. good morning, a big meeting happening today in paris. >> that's right. today, malaysian officials are expected in paris where they will meet a judge and investigators to decide how to examine two possible pieces of debris that were found on this island in the indian ocean on
6:25 am
wednesday. a seven-foot fragment suspented to be part of a burroeing 777 wing will be examined in toulouse and they will examine it to see if it matched dna onboard. yesterday morning, a small object was found on the rocky shore shorehine behind me. it was taken away in a sealed box. omps haven't commented at all, but malaysian authorities it was nothing to do with mh370. just a domestic step ladder. just another example of the ocean debris that washes up on the shores every day. authorities now face the task of deciding what is simply junk and what could be a potentially important clue coming along these shores. meanwhile, experts say they will examine that wing fragment for the barnacles and sea life on it. they could yield clues about the chemical composition of the pot
6:26 am
water, the temperature to indicate where the fragment came from. even then it could take months before the wreckage is then found on the ocean floor. yet more waiting in what has already been a 16-month mystery. jose. >> thank you very much. in reunion. we'll head back to reunion next hour for more on the renewed search for mh370. >> explosions at two churches. tragedy on the baseball field, and a close call in the pit. let's zoom through today's top stories. investigators in new mexico said explosions at two churches were quote, deliberate and meant to harm. a mailbox exploezed at 8:00 a.m. just 20 minutes later, an explosion went off in a trash can near a catholic church. police have not been able to link the two explosions to any group. no one was injured in any blast. >> in kansas tragedy on the baseball field. a 9-year-old bat boy has died
6:27 am
after a player accidentally hit him in the head while taking practice swings. he was wearing a helmet when he was hit in the amateur baseball game on sunday. he had been a bat boy for most of the liberal bjs season. >> check out this close call for the track in a pit crew in pennsylvania. driver brad keselowski ran his pit stall, hitting two pittman. they were able to finish the pit stop. the driver finished second. who knew that the pit crew flew. >> the search for an accused cop killer is intensifying. police say they now know who they're looking for. plus a live look at capitol hill, where later today, we expect a showdown in the senate over funding for planned parenthood. we'll get an update on where the vote stands after a brick break. >> also big news in both political parties this morning from the campaign trail. new indications joe biden may be thinking of jumping into the
6:28 am
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new bayer pro ultra omega-3. we're getting new details out of tennessee where police are intensifying the search for the suspect in the deadly shooting of memphis police officer. it happened on saturday night in what turned out to be a drug deal. the man to your left 29-year-old tremaine wilbourn filed multiple shots at shaunean bolton bolton. we have pictures of him. there you see him, the alleged gunman, after he was approached. there's the officer who died. apparently, he was approached about an illegal stop he made. bolton was rushed to the hospital where he later died. kerry sanders is in memphis. you have new details on what led to this shooting? >> i do. and it's very disturbing. authorities say that officer sean bolton was shot and killed by a man who has been convicted
6:32 am
of armed robbery. and that he should be considered very dangerous. now, the details of what they believe happened are really quite troubling because no shooting of an officer, of course, is acceptable but when you consider what may have spurred this it just seems so incredibly trivial. the authorities believe that the officer came up on the car that he had pulled over for a traffic stop and as he approached the suspect allegedly shot the cop because he feared that he had less than two grams of marijuana. that's about two or three marijuana cigarettes joints. this morning in memphis, a man hnlt is under way for the killer of officer sean bolton. sunday night, friends and colleagues in tears brought flowers to the street where he was gunned down. >> when you look at this individual, you're looking at a coward. >> memphis police and u.s. marshals are combing the city looking for this man, tremaine wilbourn, who they say shot
6:33 am
officer bolton at a traffic stop saturday night, apparently, police say, after he interrupted a drug deal. >> to show you how senseless this is, we're talking about less than two grams of marijuana. a misdemeanor citation. >> as the 32-year-old officer laid wounded, a bystander grabbed his radio. >> please hurry up. >> taking the desperate measure because neighbors say the 911 lines were busy. shot several times -- >> call an ambulance. call an ambulance. >> ambulance is already en route. >> officer bolton was rushed to the hospital. a bullet-proof vest he was wearing unable to save him. sunday, police recovered a gun in a neighbor field which they believe could be the murder weapon. >> we as a community must come together and remember that all lives matter. not just black lives, not just white lives. but all lives matter. >> there's now a $10,000 reward for information leading to the
6:34 am
arrest of the suspect. as for that other man in the car, he went to his lawyer and his lawyer and he then went to the police. he was interrogated and released and is not charged with any crimes. jose. >> kerry sanders, thank you very much. later today, senate republicans will vote on a bill to deny planned parenthood of more than $500 million in federal aid, about half its total revenue. the bill is expected to fail but it sets the stage for a broader fight over abortion. the vote follows the release of video showing a worker discussing the sale of fetal tissue. going to warn you, some viewers may find the content disturbing. it comes from an anti-abortion center. it says allegations it profits from tissue donation are not true but rand paul still argues americans shouldn't be footing the bill to fund planned parenthood. >> i think most american don't want their tax dollars going to this so i think when something
6:35 am
is so morally repugnant to so many people why should tax dollars go to this? we have 9,000 community health centers that do everything that planned parenthood does but they don't get into abortions. it would be much less emotional for everyone if we just funded community health centers and didn't fund planned parenthood. >> luke russert is keeping an eye on the story. what are we expecting? >> the opening gambit in what will be a contentious issue on capitol hill going into the fall. mainly because you're hearing talk of a lot of conservative republicans that they want to defund planned parenthood at almost any cost. even whispers some would be willing to shut down the government. today's vote is very important test to sort of game out where exactly folks are. we expect near universal republican support, perhaps a few moderates may not support this. also keep an eye on some of the pro-life democrats, bob casey,
6:36 am
and joe manchin of west virginia virginia. when you talk about planned parenthood, it doesn't just carry out abortions. that's what got all the attention. it does millions in std tests, contraception, in terms of women's health and screening. a lot of democrats say, look this is an organization that is much more than just abortion. it diz not deserve to have the rug pulled out from underneath it because of what they say is misleading videos. it will be an interesting debate. all that being said i can tell you that this is to some degree a nervous vote for some democrats. they're going all in with planned parenthood. it's not exactly the organization that has been in the brightest of lights recently. >> as the senator was saying there are other organizations and groups -- >> that's what the republican bill is, we want to steer the funds to other organizations we deem to be more critical.
6:37 am
excuse me. >> i was just saying what has changed the discussion are these videos. disturbing video, one after the other. three so far that kind of it's almost like they separate the issue of abortion and it brings in the whole conversation of whether groups are making money off selling human parts. >> correct. and that's why if you talk to a lot of democratic strategists on capitol hill, they acknowledge that this has become difficult for them because they're not controlling the narrative. they don't know when one of these videos is going to come forward. they'll say it's collective editing, but to the naked eye, these are very persuasive. it's going to be interesting to see. i do think this is not the last you'll hear of it. i think we'll have the discussion in october about some conservatives in the house that want to defund planned parenthood, possibly at the cost of shutting down the government. >> luke russert, thank you. >> thank you. busy week coming up on the campaign trail. reports of a new name possibly getting into the race. reports this morning that those
6:38 am
close to vice president joe biden have restarted talks to mount a presidential campaign, and confirming a senior adviser to the vice president's late son beau is joining a super pac to lay the financial groundwork for a run in 2016. with me erin mcpike. thank you for being here. what will biden be looking for on the democratic landscape that may make him to decide to maybe get in? >> well look jose. i think there's not a whole lot new about these biden reports except that his staff is starting to make some calls and making some maneuvers to do this. and i think the reason is that it's clear now that hillary clinton is more vulnerable at this stage of the campaign than people thought she would be. and of course as you know she's going to be testifying on the hill on october 22nd which means this e-mail controversy and some of the lingering controversy over benghazi has taken up the bulk of her campaign from march and it will go until at least october.
6:39 am
and now there's a big opening for another democrat to potentially take her on. obviously, bernie sanders has been doing well but this is really a realization that someone could effectively take on hillary clinton and that could be joe biden. he, of course, is the vice president of the united states has a national network of donors. he's going to see if he could raise the money to allow hum to do that. >> how difficult would that be? >> it wouldn't be difficult to add water in iowa and have a biden campine here. he has kept touch with supporters who started on the biden effort in the 1980s. he ran here in '87. he ran here in 2007 and 2008. i have heard anecdotally, as hillary clinton has gone around to private events and has run into people who say, i can't support you yet, i am waiting for vice president biden to make his decision and she has told biden people i appreciate that
6:40 am
kind of loyalty. so she has realized that she needs to reach out to these biden people and try to bring them onboard, but they have been waiting for him to make a decision. >> starting tomorrow you've got hillary clinton's first tv ad in iowa and new hampshire, talking about her mother. what do you think -- what is the purpose of this new ad? >> well the one ad in particular is almost verbatim what hillary clinton has been saying in campaign appearances here in iowa and elsewhere. it's the story of her mother. she's been using it to try to connect to audiences. the other ad is really interesting in the context of our discussion here this morning about joe biden. it has several images of barack obama in it. and so she is tying herself to the obama presidency in a very you know clear and keen way to try to you know encourage
6:41 am
iowans to remember she was part of president obama's cabinet just as vice president biden has been tied to the presidency. >> turning to the republican side. there for new numbers out. we see donald trump not very popular with latinos. right now, that's really in the first couple states for a republican primary or caucus it's not that important. talk to me about the trump effect and it seems to be that even with these numbers being negative for him, a lot of other numbers are pretty positive. >> that's right. his numbers in iowa and new hampshire among republican voters are great. and the more the media attacks him and doesn't take him seriously, the more support he is seeming to get. as we go into this first debate he is very much the front runner and the debate is going to be all about him. i think the only way that he begins to slide is if these moderators take him on and ask him very tough questions about policy, which i believe they'll
6:42 am
do. they'll try to pin him down on immigration. but there's a great story in the "washington post" over the weekend about all the things he's proposed yet he doesn't have a way to pay for them. and as we start to see holes in his policy proposals and know that he can't answer them if he can't, that's when he's going to start to slide. >> erin and ok thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. >> thank you. still to come new reports that another american doctor illegally killed a lion in zimbabwe as the outrage and questions remain over the killing of cecil the lion. >> and keeping an eye on severe weather in the tampa, florida, area. take a look at this radar map. rains causing major flooding. flights being delayed. call your airline if you're going to fly into the area. >> first, here's a catch of the day off the coast of stewart, florida. pulled in this seven-foot, 412-pound grouper on his paddleboard. you don't see it in the video, but the fish was so big, it pulled aim off the board twice,
6:43 am
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can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. developing now overseas greece's stock market reopens with a plunge. stocks plummeted nearly 23% after a five-week shutdown. back shares suffered the most with a 30% loss. >> the country's stock exchange and banks were first shut down june 29th before athens imposed capital controls. greeks were panicking at the prospect that they would fall out of the euro. they have strick withdrawals on cash that still remain. we'll have more on this in the next hour. this morning, another american faces accusations of illegally killing a lion in a
6:47 am
hunt in zimbabwe. this as zimbabwe officials look to extradite a minnesota dentist over the outrage of his killing of the famed lion cecil. willie has more. >> according to a statement by zim bobbery national parks, an oncologist from pittsburgh illegally killed a lion in a hunt in april. his guide, who has since been arrested and is cooperating with authorities, hubted without a quota or permit. he appears in several photos online with other trophy killings, including with an elephant. he could not be reached for comment and there was no answer at his house. he is the second american doctor accused of killing a lion in lyly in just over a week. following the death of the famed lion cecil. zim baubob way is seeking the extradition of walter palmer. he has not been seen publicly since the news made international headlines. he stated to his knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and
6:48 am
conducted. over the weekend, a tribute to cecil was projected onto the empire state building. on sunday his brother jericho was confirmed to be alive after false reports surfaced that he too had been killed. a field researcher snapped a photo of him sunday morning. >> he's a mature lion 11 years old himself. >> the two lion killings are sparking a heated debate over the practice of big game hunting. two avid hunters from idaho are among those drawic backlash online. some commenters calling them human garbage. the hunter previously fanned the flames posting a meme to challenge them to stay tuned. you're going to have so much more to be upset about. >> willyie geist reporting. after the break, brand-new information on the hunt for one of the most notorious drug
6:49 am
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6:52 am
. another developing story out of mexico a crowd of thousands gathered in mexico city over the weekend to protest the torture and murder of the journalist who had reported being harassed months ago before being found dead along with four women last week. he is the seventh journalist killed in mexico this year. more than a hundred have been murdered there since the year 2000. mexico city officials say they're investigating this but they're coming under fire by some who say the government failed to prosecute the murderers of journalists.
6:53 am
the mexican drug lord remains on the run more than three weeks after he escaped from prison in a tunnel. now mexican authorities say they're willing to extradite him to the u.s. if they catch him again. david weinstein is a former assistant attorney. he joins me. good morning. what's going on right now? >> right now they're in the preliminary stages of the investigation in mexico. they approved the request of his file in late june and now they have to go through the process. "el chapo's" lawyers are saying proper procedures haven't been followed, they don't have the right evidence we haven't seen the evidence. >> and the court ruled late last week. >> they did. the court was going to allow "el chapo's" lawyers to start fighting the process and take a look at the paperwork. >> david, what's going on there? what's the process and why is it
6:54 am
so easy for these drug lords to essentially stay there while they're in prison they don't get extradited, and when they're out, it seems as though the law protects them. >> the extradition treaty is the same on both sides. you would besee the same thing happening in the u.s. if mexico was trying to extradite someone to the u.s. appeals go on and on and on. once they exhaust what they say is in this particular extradition, they'll go out and tackle it again. they need to get first party witnesses, and there is a lot of violence attached to this organization both in reality and in mexico as well as in the indictments that had been issued in the united states. so people who are going to testify are not going to be so quick to testify knowing their names are going to get out there. >> david, how do you think this "el chapo" thing is going to end? >> it will end a very long time
6:55 am
from now, assuming they do get him back in custody. >> alive. >> -- alive, they'll continue fighting this tooth and nail. you have seven districts in the united states trying to get him here. you have his lawyers fighting in mexico. it could take three to five years before the process even goes through and then you have the political system on top of it. they're sort of if you get him extradited here, they're pretty much accepting that they don't have the equipment to handle it. >> like not having tunnels here for people to escape. two stories we're looking at this morning in california. a massive wildfire intensified in the past 24 hours. a large fire burning about 100 miles north of san francisco. it's threatening thousands of homes. plus damage still being felt from deadly weather near chicago where a tent was literally lifted right off the ground as the crowd tried to seek shelter. we'll have live reports on both
6:56 am
these stories and more next on "the rundown." i'm meteorologist bill care karan. a good story to you. temperatures are hot from arizona to texas in the southeast. the severe weather today possible from ohio all the way to western new york western pennsylvania and up into northern new england. so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! he's ready. la quinta inns & suites take care of you, so you can take care of business. book your next stay at! la quinta!
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good morning, i'm jose did he as-- diaz-balart. the fire in california is still burning. it's closed down several highways. joe, last we reported rocky fire spanned 52,000 acres. how much are we talking about now? >> reporter: good morning, jose. the rocky fire nearly tripled in size over the weekend. we have just learned it has now burned 60,000 acres, but firefighters have made some progress. the fire is now 12% contained. flames are now burning in a more remote area away from homes, but in these conditions dry, hot, windy, they know things can change in an instant. the winds have been especially
7:00 am
unpredictable over the last few days. already two dozen homes have burned in this fire and thousands more remain threatened forcing evacuations. the cross drought in california more than 20 fires are burning right now. the government cleared the way for more resources to fight the flames, including helicopters and air tankers. in all, 9,000 firefighters are now on the ground in california. they are hoping that cooler temperatures today will help them make progress. jose? >> let's hope so. joe fryer, thank you very much. for more on the weather conditions there let's bring in nbc meteorologist bill karans. any relief in sight? >> not really. it was inevitable with the drought conditions sooner or later we would have a big flare-up like this.
7:01 am
others are what are called dry-based thunderstorms. the thunderstorms you and i know about all our lives, but the dry-based don't have much rain in them. the majority of the fires are in the northern half of the state, but a couple have trickled down to the south, too. around the country we have about 35 large fires, so the worst of it is in the areas right around california. as we go throughout the day today, we still have our red flag warnings that go just south of twin falls all the way over almost to medford. as far as the humidity that's how we measure the moisture in the air. the fires can flare up and move very quickly, especially with gusty winds. today we're slightly cooler. 92 90. we had been in the 100 range, so it's a little bit cooler. humidity still dangerously low, 28 to 38% rate so that allows the fires to burn quickly. we like to see it up to 70%.
7:02 am
wind gusts will burn about 20 to 30% higher jose. we have one more dangerous day today, and then we start to cool things offer gradually. what they really need is some rain, and that's not coming any time soon. >> bill thank you very much. we're also following a deadlystory about a deadly tent collapse. one person died another one injured at a festival when wind whipped through the city. john has more from gray's lake illinois. >> reporter: severe weather turned deadly over the weekend when high winds caused a tent to collapse in suburban chicago. >> we have one death and about 20 injuries. >> they were one day away from celebrating in the prairie fest when the storm hit sending festival goers scrambling for cover. >> i was on stage left and i just walked away from underneath
7:03 am
the canopy and the poles started falling the other way. i see that the whole tent had fallen over. and from there it was just chaos. >> i was really scared. i saw all these ambulance coming and the thunder was just so terrifying, and the lightning, and i was really really afraid. and then it just all happened -- flashed before my eyes. >> reporter: the dangerous storm systems across the midwest also brought tornadoes to the region. a huge twister touched down in iowa near the town of nebbinville sunday evening. the tornado picked up debris and reportedly destroyed a few barns but no reports of injuries. in the suburb of gray's lake illinois, another tornado may have touched down high winds and hail littering streets with toppled trees and power lines. severe weather extending to greenville michigan emergency crews working overnight to remove fallen debris. meanwhile, back in chicago's grant park the popular
7:04 am
lalapalooza music festival shutting down briefly sunday afternoon due to the weather, reorganizing about an hour later. they ended the festival 30 minutes early when another storm hit the area. this morning, the person leading a lot of talk in the presidential race is someone who isn't even running. at least not yet. new reports say vice president joe biden supporters have stepped up conversations with party activists about a potential 2016 run. biden was reportedly urged to run at the request of his son beau who died earlier this summer. overnight we learned a former adviser to beau biden is signing on to a superpac aimed at financially supporting the vice president's campaign should he decide to run. but a recent poll shows him trailing hillary clinton and bernie sanders. however, that same poll also finds more voters trust him compared to hillary clinton. 58% say biden is honest and trustworthy compared to 37% for mrs. clinton. let's get the very latest from
7:05 am
msnbc political reporter alex vause. how serious are the biden supporters? >> reporter: i think they're pretty serious and it's a big change. just a few months ago, i came away with the impression he was going to keep his options open but ultimately it looked like he wasn't going to do it. i think, however, the death of his son beau biden has clearly had an influence over his thinking. his son did want him to run for president, urged him to run again, and it also got him in touch with a wide circle of donors he had in the past. a lot of people urged him to run again. again, this is a vice president who ran twice in the past always had his eye on the top job, and i think the run with bernie sanders showed an opening, showing hillary clinton may not be as inevitable as we all thought at one point. but the big thing about joe biden is completing the legacy he and beau started in the past seven years. i don't think he'll do anything to jeopardize that.
7:06 am
he'll take a look at it. whether he takes the lead or ends up supporting hillary, we'll still have to wait and see, but he's definitely closer than he was. >> hillary clinton is in new hampshire tomorrow. tell me about that. >> reporter: this is a big change for hillary clinton. they're putting $2 million behind this, a million in iowa and a million in new hampshire. these are both kind of reintroductory ads for hillary clinton. she is one of the most famous women in the world, after all. they both focus on the story of her mother. they feature her speaking straight to the camera and saying the reason she got into public service is because of the story of her mother. it's a story she's been telling a lot on the campaign trail. her mother was abandoned at a young age, was helped by a woman. and hillary clinton said that story convinced her to get into public office. and this comes at a time when her unfavorability ratings are on the rise. people are rating her not honest, not trustworthy.
7:07 am
but the big question is do people care about me? it's these kind of ads reintroducing her as more friendly more down to earth than her 2008 ads. that's what these ads are trying to accomplish. >> thank you very much. on the republican side of the race front runner donald trump is hitting some bumps in the road. our new nbc news wall street journal telemundo poll shows him running into trouble with latinos. three in four latinos have negative views of the real estate mogul and many are saying his campaign is hurting the republican party. our national poll shows trump at the top in the gop field. in june just 1% of gop viewers called him their first choice but now, three days before the first debate it's trump in the lead. andy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. >> so what do you think the trump campaign is thinking when they see these first national numbers and then let's talk about the latino numbers.
7:08 am
>> well the national numbers, i think, confirm what they believe is this growing support among republican perspective voters out there who aren't satisfied with what they're seeing with jeb bush or any of the other candidates, scott walker you name it and that they think their message, whatever exactly that message is is touching people in some kind of raw way within the republican electorate. when you break it down with the latinos, that seems to make sense given what you and i have reported on and given what donald trump has been saying about illegal immigration and undocumented immigrants, what he says about mexico and basically his rhetoric entirely on the issue of immigration, it's not surprising the more hispanics hear what they have to say about the issue the more they're like, maybe this guy isn't for me. >> and you set off to find what specific parts of a trump presidency would be like. tell us what you found so far.
7:09 am
>> reporter: right. well, when we set out to do this story that's out today for national journal, we decide to do take the tack of why don't we take donald trump seriously. he wants to be treated like a real candidate, we'll go out and treat him like a real candidate and ask him questions about what he would actually be like and do as president. what we found was basically no answers whatsoever. and it was a quixotic journey that ended with basically nothing. and you know, as well as i do that trump went to the mexican border so to speak. this was his much vaunted visit around his marquee issue and basically said nothing. and had no ideas, didn't really seem informed about the issue, and it was kind of just a bread and circus kind of thing, then he got in his plane and flew back to new york. this was our goal with this piece, and i came away from it at the end basically saying he doesn't deserve the coverage he's getting because he isn't putting forward serious ideas or
7:10 am
really treating this whole thing seriously at all. >> on the other hand andy a lot of people see in trump someone who is speaking out about issues in a forthright manner that they maybe would like to say but don't. so it's interesting, because he doesn't have specifics but he's attracting and he seems to be very solidly attracting a good chunk of the gop electorate as far as the primaries are concerned. >> yeah and the stories that interest me the most are what is it in these people that he is touching that is so raw? what is it about him -- many of you know these 20% of voters in these polls are seeing? i'd rather see stories talking to those people. what is it about trump that you find so appealing that you don't see in jeb bush or scott walker? i got some e-mails from folks already saying we like donald trump because he's not bought and paid for like the other candidates are. you know which you can read into that a number of things but at least there was a little
7:11 am
bit of insight into maybe why people see something in him as opposed to these other candidates. there is a lot to be done there, there is a lot of reporting to be done there that maybe doesn't focus on trump himself going out and saying whatever latest incendiary thing he says. >> andy, thanks. appreciate it. new information in the suspected person believed to have killed a police officer in memphis over the weekend. and we'll have the effects of climate change. we're live at the white house. we'll be right back. its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence!
7:12 am
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7:14 am
a couple hours from now, president obama will unveil a new plan to slash greenhouse
7:15 am
gases and promote renewable energy, all in an effort to fight climate change. in fact it seems like mother nature may be making his point for him sometimes. today's event was supposed to be held outside, but with temperatures expected to be in the mid-90s, officials figured it was too hot, so they moved it to the east room. msnbc white house correspondent chris jansing is in an all- all-too-hot area outside for us. good morning. >> good morning. to be fair there's a tent over me so it's not as bad as it might seem. it's going to be huge a major political battle legal battle some may say a cultural battle over whether climate change is really a real thing. just to show you the level of interest, there was a video president obama posted over the weekend. it's gotten almost 4 million views already, and the epa has been inundated with responses when they say common to us.
7:16 am
4.2 million, jose are the latest number of people getting in the middle of this so you can tell this is setting up for a huge fight that could, in fact, go on for years. >> this is not just people supporting it these are also people questioning for example the cost and if the cost of energy is going to go up utilities, et cetera. >> right. so on one side the opponents say this is going to kill jobs it's going to close coal plants. on the other side the president and supporters of this say, in fact it's going to create jobs in new energy clean energy industry like solar and wind. they see it as a moral imperative. in fact, one of the groups that's involved in this on the president's side are evangelical christians. we have a couple lists. i think it's interesting to look at. look at the number of people who are for it. a lot of businesses in fact a letter went to 29 governors over the weekend, and they literally are hundreds of blue chip companies and investors, and in addition to that list general
7:17 am
mills, nestle, adidas saying they support this. the opponents include 20 to 30 attorneys general who think the president and the epa don't have this power. this is a rule that is built under the auspices of the clean air act, so they're going to challenge that. you also have a lot of business groups obviously a lot of them related to energy and coal and most of the republican presidential candidates. but in the end, this is likely to be decided not in the political arena as much as in the legal arena. there are many people jose who do think this will end up in the supreme court. >> and chris, as we wrap it up if 92 is hot, that's like a chilly morning for us here in south florida. let's be honest. >> is it really? what's the temperature there? i'm looking because i don't even know what the temperature is. >> it's going to be in the high 90s, i presume. add to it the humidity here and the bald eagle size mosquitoes we have, it's a mess here.
7:18 am
but we love it. chris jansing, it's great to see you at the warm white house. thanks. >> good to see you. thank you. malaysian officials afsh inrrive in paris to meet with french investigators to talk about the missing debris possibly found from the missing m hsh370 flight. in reunion, the search continues for any other clues in the 16-month mystery. bill nealey is on the island today. bill good morning. >> reporter: good morning from a stormy coastline that will make any new searches here very difficult. the hunt for debris though has widened from this island with an alert now right across this part of the indian ocean. the coast of reunion is long but not all the countries and islands in this part of the indian ocean are being asked to look out for aircraft debris. that would mean searching more than 4,000 miles of coastline.
7:19 am
over the weekend, people have been giving police objects they found on beaches, but none of them is related to the missing plane. the beaches here are littered with metal and rusting junk. any debris from mh370 will now have scattered across a vast area. >> it's an enormous span and there isn't very much debris anymore, because a lot of it probably has sunken down. so we're really searching for a needle in a haystack here. >> reporter: the parts that have been found is a wing flap from a boeing 777. it won't be examined from a specialist lab until wednesday. a suitcase found nearby will be analyzed to try to match it to the dna of the missing passengers and crew. for their rellativesrelatives, like steve lang who lost his mother, it's another agonizeing delay. >> we have to wait to find out results, because it takes time. >> reporter: it may be late this week before we know if the debris found is from the missing
7:20 am
plane. well, there is quite a storm here, the ocean very rough. you can see how any aircraft debris could easily get smashed up or sink. local people though hoping that these currents these huge swells will bring more debris onto the beaches here. back to you. >> bill neely, thank you very much. we're going to zoom through the other stories making news including this dramatic helicopter crash caught on camera near moscow. and more group dramaum greek drama after that country's stock market opened. we're in south florida where it's 90 degrees. so it's 90. we'll be right back.
7:21 am
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[ school bell rings ] ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. time now for a check on wall street. stocks are down but that's far from the problems that is going on in greece with that country's
7:24 am
stock market at a rough reopening after a five-week shutdown. the dow is down but not that much, right, courtney? >> yeah exactly, jose and it really doesn't have much to do with what's going on in greece. the athens stock exchange did open for the first time in five weeks, that country, of course going through some major economic restructuring of the it's really not pretty what's happening there today. stocks initially opening about 23% in greece though they did recover some of those losses currently down around 16% or so. it's the bank stocks that have been hardest hit, no surprise because of the financial issues the country is dealing with shedding 30%. we know the banks have been closed for some time too. the 30% drop is actually the daily limit, so probably a good thing there is a limit, though stocks could be trading much much lower. the rest of europe's stock markets have been able to withstand the stocks this morning, at least. they're all trading higher and here in the u.s. investors
7:25 am
focused on more of our economic data points as well as what's happening in oil, much more so than what's going on in greece and that's dictating our first hour of trade. so trading down a little bit. actually, not much at all to do with what's going on in greece. >> talk to me about oil because the prices seem to be falling. >> exactly. prices continue to fall in crude oil, and really what's happening here is that push and pull of demand and supply. so crude oil prices are hitting six-month lows this morning, and the 46 $20-per-barrel range, and we're showing data showing we have the highest level of crude oil supply in the world in recent history. plus the expectation that iran is actually going to begin to have a half a million more barrels of oil a day coming onto the market and the demand for oil in china is lower, so both of those forces are pressuring prices and pulling them down. it's a good thing for consumers ultimately if we can save money at the pump but there is
7:26 am
concern particularly because of what's happening in china with the lower demand that it's not necessarily a great thing that we're seeing oil prices fall so far so fast. >> cnbc's courtney reagan. thanks. good seeing you. >> thank you. a final goodbye. more lion outrage in a fatal helicopter crash. bobbi kristina brown laid to rest near her mother whitney houston, in westfield, new jersey today. friends and family members gathered saturday to say their final goodbyes in a funeral service in a church in plano, georgia. christina was buried six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. she was daughter of the late whitney houston. another american faces allegations of illegally killing a lion in zimbabwe. it happens after a dentist in zimbabwe waits to be extradited in his killing of a lion of
7:27 am
cecil, an illegal hunt that allegedly happened in april. his guides have been arrested. a pilot was killed another hospitalized after a russian military helicopter crashed while performing at an air show on sunday about 120 miles east of moscow. check out the video during the show. one helicopter suddenly started spinning out of control and went down. it caught fire when it hit the ground. the cause of the fire still under investigation. up next new developments out of tennessee about the search for a suspected cop killer in memphis. we're going to take you there looifr live. plus the battle over planned parenthood funding. we'll have the details on "the rundown." . thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding] you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech]
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they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet, those delicious oats in cheerios can help naturally lower cholesterol. how can something so little... help you do something so big. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before you know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at! we continue to follow developments out of tennessee where authorities are now offering a $10,000 reward in the search of the suspect accused of shooting and killing a memphis police officer.
7:31 am
authorities say the man fired multiple shots at officer shawn bolton seen here on the right after he was approached about an illegal stop he made. it happened saturday night in what turned out to be a drug deal. officer bolton was rushed to the hospital but he later died. for more on this, let's go to nbc's adam reese who is in memphis. adam, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. police are on the hunt for wilborn. he was out on supervised release after serving 10 years in jail on a bank robbery charge. on saturday night at about 9:15 officer bolton was patrolling alone. he came upon this mercedes that was parked illegally. he shined his light on the car not realizing he was interrupting a drug deal. wilborn, according to police got out of the car and confronted him. there was a struggle and he shot the policeman several times. he had a vest on but it didn't
7:32 am
save him. all of this for less than two grams of marijuana. >> to show you how serious this is, we're talking about less than two grams of marijuana. we're talking about a misdemeanor citation. we probably would not have even transported for that. so i think it's safe to say that when you look at this individual, you're looking at a coward. >> reporter: now the police director says this is exactly why these types of traffic stops are so dangerous, not only here in memphis but across the country. officers don't know who they're going to confront they don't know if these people are armed or not. right here in memphis there are no body cams and no dash cams. bolton was 33 years old. he had served in iraq for three years as a marine he served here for five years. he's the third officer to be killed in the line of duty in five years. the battle over abortion will be center stage on capitol hill today. the senate will vote on a bill
7:33 am
that would strip planned parenthood of its federal funding. the move was prompted by videos from an anti-abortion group, the center for medical progress, which showed planned parenthood workers discussing the sale of fetal tissue. planned parenthood allegations that profit from tissue donations are untrue. this new controversy could end up making waves in the 2016 race. we're joined now by msnbc's marina cohen. how do we know how the candidates of the 2016 race are feeling? we know senator rand paul already expressed himself on that. >> the republicans really speak with one voice on this issue. they're all want to go strip planned parenthood of women's funding which does not go to abortion services but pap smears contraception, that kind of thing. on the democratic side they have stuck with planned parenthood parenthood. this is a rally looking to rile
7:34 am
public voters. they see this as an outrage going to planned parenthood which they see as an endorsement of it. >> and rand paul said it's not just cutting the funding of planned parenthood, it's about diverting that funding to other health organizations that do supply services to women but don't do this part the abortion part. >> yeah and there's a real question over whether or not that's actually possible. i've done a lot of reporting in texas where they made a really concerted effort to defund planned parenthood, and there is a real question about capacity and lack of specialization of women's health services. what texas found when it defunded planned parenthood that it funded a lot less women because they lost that funding base. >> they could probably beef things up there. msnbc's marina carmone, thanks for joining us today. men and women are being held in detention centers across the
7:35 am
country. the obama administration needs to say today what it plans to do with facilities that attacked the practice of detaining families seeking asylum. mattie cumen joins me today. hello, mattie. what's happening today? >> essentially the federal court judge in california issued a very scathing order last week condemning the obama administration for effectively not crossing their t's and dotting its i's when it comes to putting asylum-speaking families in these detention centers and run by unlicensed facilities that are run by private prison facilities. and so these came in the wake of the massive surge at the border that we saw last year. but in the last year these federal court rulings have chipped away at the policies and many advocates and many
7:36 am
lawmakers, republicans and democrats in the congress have said that this is a chance for the administration to abandon the practice entirely to shut down these centers and release the women and children who are asylum seekers. >> so what happens today? >> today the administration could lay out the parameters for how it could sign on to the agreement, how it basically could make the facilities licensed, but really it's an uphill battle for the administration. they have been ordered to release many of these women and children who have already been found to be asylum seekers. the administration itself has already found that some 90% of the women and children pass the minimum threshold to prove that they are, in fact asylum seekers and when they fled their home countries mainly from guatemala, honduras and central america that they had legitimate grounds to come to the u.s. and seek shelter. >> thank you very much. i'd like to bring in
7:37 am
congresswoman diaz who is in favor of closing the detention centers. last week you were one of 178 democrats urging the judge to close family detentions. what's your thinking? >> coming away number one, i want to be thankful pho all myto all my colleagues in the house of representatives. we're only a few short of getting all democrats. when we went to visit these detention centers, we wanted to put a bright light on the detention centers, and what we saw was a very sad situation. you know, a lot of people laughed that obama was a former committee organizer and some people might chide me that i was a social worker. i was a social worker for five years. we were always out to protect the children. but you and i are dad. we know how children get sick. you can't put 1200 little kids
7:38 am
in a prison run by a private. so here's what i hope happens today. we went back -- obviously, there's court proceedings established since 1997 that you must put these children in the least restrictive setting. i want the public to understand something, that when these mothers and children crossed the borders, they came and handed themselves over to the authority and applied for asylum in the united states. as your reporter so very well noted, we believe that 80% of them will win the cases. so, look shut down the detention centers. it's no place. if you come as a child, you know as a juvenile alone, you are put in a very unrestrictive setting and you're immediately placed with family relatives, in a wonderful setting for you to await the outcome of your asylum. these moms and children are not. i do want to thank them for releasing hundreds of these moms and children. now it's time to finish the job and release them all. >> congressman, a few things.
7:39 am
yesterday on my telemundo sunday show, we had a mother who was released temporarily. she's now wearing an ankle bracelet bracelet. but these aren't people, and it's important to say, these aren't people who were caught crossing illegally or were stopped for a traffic violation or for a crime, these were people who actually crossed the border and handed themselves in requesting asylum. that's a different kind of a thing, isn't it? >> it is very very different. so they're leaving guatemala, they're leaving san salvador they're leaving hon durdurashonduras honduras, the leading capital of the world where drug gangs rule the day. they are, in most cases, the government. sad to say they take the place of any civil society as we know it. they are in charge. so they come fleeing, and then they go before a judge. i want you to understand they go before a judge and the judge finds credible fear.
7:40 am
that means a judge said a magistrate said you know something? you have a pretty good case there, you might prevail. but now you have to prepare for the trial which could take two three years. so in the interim period we're going to release you, we're going to release your children as you wait for your trial. we have found that if they go to family members, if they go to communities, they show up for those hearings. they come here fleeing violence. your point, i think, is to say they never committed a crime. it is not a crime to flee violence, persecution, and the end of your life and come to the united states seeking refuge. that's not a crime. that's why we have laws on the books and we should respect those laws. and the law clearly says since 1997, you cannot keep these children locked up. >> it's not a crime to request asylum in any country. >> it's not a crime. you know what's a crime? it's a crime that somebody is fleeing violence and drug lords and rapists and murderers and those in human trafficking, and then we lock you up. we locked them up for over a
7:41 am
year. i'm happy that many of them have been released. i say let's close them down. plus you should not put them in a setting where the jailers are for-profit corporations who you give them $10, they're going to try to keep 8. they're not considering the social workers, they're not considering doctors, they're not considering meals. a private corporation in the united states wants to maximize what? its earnings and its profit and not care for the human means. jose last point is we should send them over to the department of health and human services. that's what we do when a youth comes unaccompanied without a parent. they go over to the department of health and human services. let's send it over to the people who care about families and children and know how to care for families and children. >> congressman gutierrez, always good to see you. thanks. >> thank you. poll numbers for donald trump signaling weakness among a critical voting group. and in the financial markets, some are calling this america's greece. puerto rico is about to default
7:42 am
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we have a new poll this morning showing trouble brewing for donald trump, our new nbc news wall street journal shows a majority of latinos have a negative view of him. in fact, 61% say very negative. but the first gop debate is just days away and trump will be center stage. he's leading all, every single one of the recent national polls including our wall street news journal survey. over the weekend trump was on "meet the press" to give a preview of what we can expect come thursday. >> i think that frankly i'd like to discuss the issues. i'm not looking to take anybody out or be nasty to anybody. as you know chuck, you know when i made harsh statements
7:46 am
about various people that was always in response to their criticism of me. you know, rick perry, i always thought he was a nice guy but he started hitting me hard so i hit him harder. i'm not looking -- i don't know what they're going to be doing. i'm reading so many -- >> so if they don't attack you, you're not going to attack them. >> i think it's highly unlikely i really do. i've always counterpunched and you have to counterpunch. >> with me now is msnbc contributeor contributor, the university of texas, senator adviser to john mccain. thank you for being with me. you heard these new numbers among latinos. i imagine they're not a surprise to you, but what can trump be thinking this morning about latinos? he said this evening that the latinos love him. >> i think the poll numbers can put that to rest. he needs to stop saying that. but jose what i find so interesting about this latest poll was the breadth of support he has with non-latinos. he has really found support with
7:47 am
independent leading republicans, with tea party republicans and with conservative republicans. not only is he ahead, but he's ahead across the board. if i'm another gop candidate, i'm getting really nervous about that. there is, of course the latino component. if he were to make it into the general, you cannot win an election without the latino vote, but at least going into this first phase, he's in a great position. >> so what do the other candidates have to do in order to i guess, you know deal with someone who keeps gaining strength all across the board? >> well i think the other candidates are going to be talking about the issues the real issues and lay out plans as jeb bush did today with an immigration plan something, of course, that mr. trump has not done. i think my friend vickie knows this. if you look at those numbers, you have 81% of republicans that are not with donald trump, and i'll count myself among the
7:48 am
number of latinos who have a negative view of him, and i'm a republican. here's how it's all irrelevant. donald trump will not be the republican nominee for president. if that were the case this time four years ago, we would be talking about president mccain or president michelle bachmann or ross perot 20 years ago. this is the frustration that people feel about president obama's policies theand the fact they haven't been able to stop the obama administration because we don't have the votes to do so. this is a frustrated electorate. they will coe -- coalesce on others perhaps governor walker. we talk about the ross perot phenomenona, the michelle
7:49 am
bachmann phenomenona. >> what's this going to do for jeb bush? >> jeb bush is owning the nomination. he's owning the debate. he's going into the debate saying i'm going to own immigration head on. this is what his brother did, what george w. did. you look over this plan and it's a lot like the gang of 8 comprehensive immigration reform with the exception of there being no path way to citizenship. there is a pathway to legalization in jeb bush's plan but all the other factors are pretty much the same lots of border security. what i think is interesting is him pointing out the need for internal security because what a lot of folks don't understand is that a lot of the undocumented folks are visa overstays and not necessarily people coming to the border. >> 40% of them are.
7:50 am
is this toxic, though in a republican primary atmosphere to talk about legalization for 11 million undocumented even if there is no special road to citizenship? >> i think it's courageous. i don't think it's toxic. and i think it's a stand-person that governor bush is. i think it's a very courageous plan. one of the things i think is important here is that he does address a key issue we've been talking about in this program for years, which is the overstays. he does talk about ways to reform the systems beyond the border. then he talks to a path of legalization. but i find it curious, if the democrats keep changing that post they told me two or three years ago, if we're talking legalization, the republican plan will embrace it. put a republican plan forward. well governor bush has done so and he's done it in a courageous way. >> thank you both for being here this morning. great to see you. >> thank you. up next, puerto rico moves another step closer to bankruptcy.
7:51 am
we'll be live in san juan with the details, next. [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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we're following a developing story out of puerto rico. the u.s. territory missed saturday's deadline to pay a multi-million-dollar debt as the island is in the midst of a financial crisis that's shaking its economy. cnbc's kate kelly joins me this morning from san juan. good morning. what's going on? what happens now? >> reporter: well, a lot of technical stuff need to be taken before we know for sure that there is a default or actually, technically speaking it would be a non-payment because of the nature of the bonds. the important issue is those who actually handle the payments known as the trustees in this case need to notify bondholders and really the market that payments haven't been made. we suspect it hasn't been. victor suarez the chief of staff to the governor said on friday that one particular payment, that $58 million from what's called the public finance corp would not be made jose but we don't know for sure that
7:55 am
it's not in the banks or the accounts yet, and they actually do have two days' grace period. so there may be a little bit more time before we have a definitive piece of information. >> meanwhile, they're very limited in what they can and cannot do as far as financially speaking to deal with this huge debt. >> reporter: that's right. so the way to think about it is although the headlines are going to be puerto rico defaults on its debt it actually has more than two dozen borrowers at the public level. the governor development bank is one, the electric utility is another big one. the one we're focusing on is a relatively small public financing company by that name. there is a collection of cities and towns that issue debt and make debt payment. as you can see, there are a lot of different entities that make it up. some are stronger than others. we're likely to see everybody defaulting defaulting, but the situation today is symbolic for a number of reasons. one, at the state level -- and
7:56 am
let's say for argument sake that puerto rico is very much like a state -- we haven't seen this since 1963 in puerto rico. it was kind of a bad faith move even though an unavoidable one, for the public at large. that wraps up "the rundown" on msnbc. thank you for the privilege of your time. i'll see you tomorrow. american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon. it's a marvelous thing!
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you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. hurry up! [laughing] right now on news nation, who is in and who is out for three days to go for the first republican debate. is donald trump planning a rope-a-dope? plus on the democratic side, is joe biden finally ready to announce that he's getting into the game? what his late son beau has to do with the possible decision. and developing now, it's being called the biggest, most important step ever taken to combat climate change. today's announcement from president obama will discuss
8:00 am
that. and later, jessica alba's billion-dollar company built as eco-friendly is under fire after people take to social media claiming they've been burned by the company's sunscreen. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. it is now just three days until the first republican presidential debate. in exactly 30 hours we decide who makes the cut to be on that prime debate stage. right now here's the race where the 17 republican candidates stands. our wall street journal poll shows donald trump in the lead with 19% of the gop vote. wisconsin governor scott walker is not far behind. look at his number 15%. former florida governor jeb bush is third at 14%, followed by ben carson at 10%. the rest of the field is in


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